What is The Main Point of Joker Movie?

I would like to tell everyone through the Joker article what happened and how happened in this movie What is The Main Point of Joker Movie? what is its fat and I would like to answer all your questions with my thought and I hope that you guys will be of great help got from this article will try to explain this to you all through my simple language and I will try my best to explain what happened in actual and what this scoundrel comes out and what is the fact of this article. I will tell you through.


The film Joker start in a city where lower and upper status live together wealthy peoples do not accept the poor their standard of living is high and their look down on the poor this film is centroid on the character Arther who lives in the City.

The story begins in the fictional city of Gautam, where a clown named Arhter is shown on the street advertising the company, and then some children run away with his advertisement board and he chases the children. Catches him but those children break his board and also kill him very badly. The condition of Gautam city is very bad here people have no jobs no money no food to eat and Gautam The crime rate of the city is very high after this the answer is shown who goes to a side where he is loudly beaten he has a neurological disorder.

After knowing the truth 

Doesn’t want to know the habit of eating but explains the pill to him that it is needed by everyone in Gautam city Arther takes it he is very innocent from the inside he never wants to harm anyone after this and stops doing whatever you do Kar goes to the children’s hospital and when he is making the children laugh, then it falls from his pocket, which the children and the hospital staff have to see, Arther that he calls you, he scolds you a lot. Gun in front of the children in the hospital.

 Why did you take it to save the one who says that it was a part of my act, his boss says that what kind of things do you do, who advertises in front of the children, friends, also says that you told me that Last week the guy who worked with her in the purchase would have let her go or get fired easily

When Arther is on the train

He is completely done in his tuition world and his heart is innocent like children who can never harm anyone who is struggling with his illness Gautam City and the crime here made him a criminal today. It which is a very clear sign that people are supporting Kar then comes home he sees some letters on the table that his mom has kept for posting and one of the letters is like this The town’s mayor also happens to be there for the day and begins to talk to his mom, who reveals that she worked in a company between her death and China and that she used to work at his home.

Mother and Mair’s love story

 So we both loved each other but that’s why we both of the society are separated so what people say about us and go to meet him at his house where he meets which in the coming time will form but he has to come here on his birthday and asks here to stay away from others and Dil says I am the son of Dainik Flack who used to work here once I know what is between him and Thomas Bheem The album gets angry after hearing this saying that your mother was not in a good state of mind.

Arther insult on television 

A big fan of yours here was at a seminar shows a clip of Chowki who didn’t perform well it makes him laugh and makes fun of 8th if someone is very sad to see he doesn’t like Arther at all The condition of those who are below the poverty line is worse and they are against the rich and all these people who bear the tax here because they are supporting the three were killed in the train were affected more than that. happens and she used to work her mental condition is not good and her treatment

The real truth of the story

After knowing he breaks down completely he goes to his retirement home in sorrow and trouble with the one he loves then seeing her inside the house he gets completely shocked what are you doing inside my house that day here We come to know that Sufi never met Arther, she also did not love him, it was a figment of her mind by talking like this, she had convinced herself because even though she loves him, she throws him out of her house and you and He completely breaks down, his mental condition deteriorates, he goes to the hospital and kills her mother with pillow and comes back home 

In show time 

Arther reaches Franklin’s show and makes the people happy and in a very good manner show is going after show end Arther tells the truth that the 3 murders that took place inside the train, no one was even talking about them, they used to work in the same company of mair that us reason all highlight them because they are upper. 

Last scene 

In the show, Arther kills Franklin and then the police take Arther but the protestant saves Arther and then he shows his dance with happiness and becomes the hero of Gautam city. The mair and his wife were frightened to move safe place to save themselves. But one protester comes and kills Thomas in vain and her wife is killed at the place then Bruce Vain will become an orphan. 


 This movie story we told that how a common man who is mentally ill became a dreaded murderer. It will very interesting story and I hope you will enjoy reading my article and concepts.

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