Is Pathan Movie Hit or Flop?

In this article, we will go to see Is Pathan Movie Hit or Flop? the preferences and then the thought of their mindset attitude of people towards the movie Pathaan. This article is going to be very helpful to the public and it also provides information about the movie Pathaan. It gives the real perspective views of the movie and also helps to solve the questions of the reader. In this article, I will show my experience and interest in the movie Pathaan. Let’s start the article with my presentation.


Pathaan is one of the very popular worldwide movies. It is a very famous movie. Pathaan is a kind of action thriller movie directed by the director name Siddhartha Anand. The main character of the movie was cast by shah rukh khan, DPadukonepadukon, John Abraha, Dimple, and Ashutosh. In Pathaan shah rukh khan is the main hero and he is the RAW agent in the film.

Review of the movie Pathaan

The movie starts with an action scene and after a long time, Shah Khan returns to the big screen. An Indian spy battles against the leader of a gang of mercenaries who have a plot for his homeland.

The main storyline of the Pathaan film starting

The time was 5 Aug 2019 in Pakistan. Pak general checked their daily routine checkup and the doctor tells them that he suffered from cancer the news was coming and showing that article 370 was canceled. The General was angry and moved. Then the general called the terrorist center name fit x and this center only works for lots of money. Leader The leader organization is John Abraham named Jim in the movie. the General put the proposal to end India and Jim replied that his work should be done but it takes time to complete

The story moves after the year

In the scene shown in the city of Africa, the place was fully illegal and one man comes here to detect the entry of the main hero shah rukh khan name pathway in the film. Then the fight and action begin and the person who comes to buy the missile, Pathan took him to Delhi, India where the working office is shown by the leading agents. The senior agent called Ma’am in the full film was finding Ruby and after a time she found in Frace street

In-plane scene

Ma’am was the past relationship between Ruby then Ma’am moved there to catch Ruby. The agent sitting on the side of Ma’am asked about that there is any relation between pathway and ruby. Ma’am reply you know nothing about Pathaan nobody is talking about the Pathan can you tell me the name but then everybody is scared about telling the Pathan.

Scene change

Pathan Seva’s family where he was very injured now is trying to become fit and doing exercise daily he was kept in the secret Hospital where Dimple going to meet Pathan was going to be fit in a few days and start working on the new mission name Joker. For this mission Dimple theatre You know how many permissions I have to take and then the Pathan said they work for our nation and then Dimple accepted and where the Ashutosh Rana entry was coming and he said that it was foolishness. Then Pathaan and their team find that there is a minister speech in Dubai and there are chances to be attacked

Scene move to Dubai

Pathaan driving a car and talking to Ashutosh. The main intention of the terrorist not to attack the minister but steal the 2 scientists who come with the minister. Jim comes in front of the scientist’s car and took in one shot then he took Indian Pathan and towards and a long fight was going to happen.

Jim was x RAW agent and then the Government of India would not help when Jim endangered any family endangered Government of India rejected the money they ask the terrorist for the jim life and his family’s life then from their change becomes the terrorist and most dangerous terrorist for the Indians after a fight Jim took scientists for their mission. When Pathaan reaches Spain after losing Pathan finds a girl name Rubina who worked for Jim and where the pathway is trapped in the plan, Jim.

Jim moved from there by helicopter and said their teammates managed further But Rubina supported the Pathaan to escape from there and said she is an ISI agent working for a year. Then they both discuss catching Jim and from there Jim has to take the next delivery after a week name rakt beech.

After reaching Russia

They both come to Russia for collection rakt beech but it was kept in a secret volt and this was only open by lock and key. The lock key was taken by both with some difficulty and then they have taken rakt beech but at a time Rubina cheat Pathaan there and leave him in the lock. Jim knows that Pathaan can do this work and all this is their plan for Jim. Jim was saved by Khanalman Khan.

Ending of movie

Now Pathan move to France where Rubina and Pathway patch up and work together against him. They both fight for rakt beech and take after a few hurdles when they come to the laboratory for a test this beech was invisible and spread among scientists. But they locked themselves in offices and committed suicide by the blast. At last, Jim launches a missile, and then the fight starts between Pathaan and Jim then after a long fight pathan takes the button of the missile and refuses and Jim died there.


So many real heroes sacrifice their life for the nation. Real soldiers always fight for their nation till their last breath and never try to cheat. He does not worry about his life and follows the orders of his officer without wasting a moment. In Pathaan, Pathan and his teammates give their life and pathway to fight for their people and their lives it is very proud to be a soldier.

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