Is Indori Ishq Worth Watching?

In this article, we will see, how many people use to prefer to watch the most trending and popular Indori ishq series in our nation. With the help of articles, I would like to solve all question that remains in your mind. I will tell you my experience and rating of this series. It would be very helpful for you. And I will also try to rotate content for your new better experiences. Not let’s know that Is Indori Ishq Worth Watching? Let’s start our article with my references…


This story tells about a teenage boy who used to be engaged in true love with a girl. But earlier she also pretend the boy was in love but later she refused. It was full of emotionally based stories. The story is revolving around the boy and Girl’s love. Boy’s name was Kunal (Ritvik) and the girl’s name was Tara (Vedika Bandari).

Tara is cheating on him, it puts an end to all his fantasies about a perfect life with his loved one. Will he be able to handle this betrayal and move on? Review of the Indori ishq series The simple and peaceful life was continued with Kunal but one day Tara’s purpose tKunalal and Kunal have filled with happiness and accepted their proposal of Tara. But this happiness was not for a long time it was only for a few months and days.

After Kunal’s Studies

When Kunal school studies were over then he move to Mumbai from Indore and Tara used to continue her study in Indore. The kunal aim was to become a navy officer and because of this, he move away from Indore.

Then the day come when Kunal went to Mumbai and he had so much trust in Tara regarding his love issues. But actually, it was not by Tara’s side. For very few days Tara talks simply but after the day is over she was trying to ignore and reject Kunal then also Kunal felt she is busy with their study but she made her new boyfriend and enjoy her life with a new one. Tara is the type of playgirl who used to engage the true boys in her trap and make use of them.

Kunal’s roommate

Kunal roommate name Mahesh always tries to make Kunal aware of the truth about girls but Kunal doesn’t believe in his thoughts and always argues with him. Where Kunal lives there was a beautiful girl who likes Kunal and she purposes to him but Kunal prefers to refuse the proposal because he loves only Tara their heart.

One day the exam that the Mahesh and Kunal give results on was declared and they both succeed. Before joining college Kunal went to Indore one time and meet his family and especially Tara. He went there and tries to talk to Tara but Tara refuses his true love and moves forward. This incident change Kunal life and he started drinking alcohol and returned to Mumbai where he drink all time in his room when the time gets over he move to a small house in Mumbai near the sea his full-time time was turned.

Kunal was spent only drinking alcohol and laying here and there. When Mahesh knew about all then he tries to help Kunal and he tries to make Kunal’s life better with the new girl. After a time Kunal loves Aliya and Mahesh trains Kunal how to consult Aliya into love. A few weeks over and the plan continues then Aliya falls in love with Kunal but when Kunal and Aliya spend their night Kunal take the name of Tara and then Aliya knew that Kunal loved only Tara not me and she leave him alone there. The years get over and one day Tara calls Kunal and she wanted to meet him.

Next Scene

Very few times Kunal reaches Indore and talks to Tara about what was matter and then Tara tells about her problem that her x boyfriend has some vulgar video of Tara and he used to torture her. Kunal solves her problems by fighting with x boyfriend Ronit. From now Kunal life was going happily the calmly. Further one day Tara asks Kunal to marry her and Kunal was felt very happy after listening to these words by Tara. Now Kunal works in the hotel where he was serving food and other items to customers.

On his birthday

On his 21st birthday there of Kunal all members and friends of Kunal celebrate his birthday and Kunal Wai for the call of Tara but at last, all will wish to accept Tara. Then Tara’s x boyfriend Ronit call to Kunal and said that Kunal’s girlfriend used to sleep with another boy and tell the truth about Tara but at that time Kunal had not believed in Ronit. Ronit send the address also where Tara was enjoying their night fastly Kunal went there and he has seen that Ronit was not saying a lie.

Kunal takes the gun and put it over their boyfriend but Tara’s boyfriend regrets their life Kunal leaves him and now pointed the gun in front of Tara and ask him why she does this again when she knew about the past condition. Tara use to cry and said to please Kunal to leave her. The story scene changed from there no one knew what happened this was a mystery. From the story, we will see how the very kind heard boy spoils their full of peaceful life behind the one girl he always tries to make affords but at last no outcome he gains.

It is very difficult to move out from this depression for all but not impossible. His parents always felt that their child was studying happily but he spent all their money on drinking alcohol and doing unnecessary things. Parents make their children with some expectations and children also have to understand the importance of the hard work of their parents and the behinds they push for their children.


In the Conclusion, I would just say that the storyline of the web series is really good and I can recommend it to you watch it!

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