Is Breath Into The Shadow Popular?

With the help of the article, I would like to express my feelings and emotions regarding the series of breath into the shadow. We will know that Is Breath Into The Shadow Popular? It would help the people who watch series but they are unable to understand the concept and moral of the series. It would not make it easy for the reader to understand in very simple language. I would put my whole efforts into understanding the reader and hope the reader will appreciate my point of view.


We know them as Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious. Different people reject the mind in different ways. Because of this, you must have seen that in the same situation, different people are running in different ways and their family is running. The background of the going is the stories of the same level of mind Secretary Avinash Shambhar Walon and his family Avinash is quite the name address everything is going well now and the family’s wife Abha is the staff in the hotel is very understanding.

Story of the breath into the shadow

Avinash took his daughter to the party but something untoward had to happen at this birthday party and she suddenly disappeared while playing Searched everywhere but could not find anything about her. Nothing has been found so far, both Avinash and Awasan are not able to understand when they reach home after getting tired. Both of the worlds are not able to understand what to do, they have not even got a clue, 3 months have passed, if he had been kidnapped, how many people would have contacted him, but till now nothing has come in front of him. did it on camera and said look it can be a source of money for you

9th months over

Won’t tell anything but didn’t get any response, going on month after month, now 9 months both of them days Siya missed her mom and dad a lot but as the cliff progressed, or became normal and mingled with her attacker at the end of the video the kidnapper who has meat has been born is where if you want Siya then you Pritpal Singh Have to kill and when he dies then he should have angry emotions inside you and Avinash are happy that let’s get his health fine Avinash refuses to kill blood to get Parasia

After convincing Abhinash

Abha convinces him to save his family No one has the answer to whether someone’s phone is right or wrong. After a little study, Avinash got ready to execute this model. Avinash started gathering all the information about Nepal and traced his entire routine, it came to know. that Tejpal has a shop he has accumulated he is allergic to the dirt he gets angry

Killing scene of Patapal

Garbage was repeatedly thrown in front of his house, one day he was called and those who offered him abused him angrily and said if you have guts, Avinash Nepal was called in front of him at a location where the garbage of this area of Delhi city is dumped. Coming here, Avinash Nepal was in seventh heaven in this garbage heap, a little angry, then always kept him with him, attacked him and finally standing here killed him by recording a video.

Abhinash and Aabha felt they get their child after the murder but not. The kidnapper asks for another murder of Natasha after killing Natasha also felt their child will return. But this time also kidnapper gave a new name to the murder

Mystery of kidnapper

The new name has been given to Angad Pandit and when he dies then there should be an emotion inside him who is the kidnapper and why he wants to kill these people and why he wants to get them done with emotions inside it is still a puzzle. An attacker in this house has mingled with Gayatri. Gayatri has also been there for months. Her family has also filed her report. But at last, Abhinash was a kidnapper. Why?? To find we have to go to Abhinash’s childhood days

In childhood story

In childhood, Avinash was very scared, his father always used his mother physically. Avinash loved his mother very much but could not do anything, but that anger was always in his mind. You were going with dad then that bus accident happened she found her mom and dad when she woke up from there she was sitting hidden in her mind from the other side she came out and when she came out she saw everything around Just added that there was an accident, then started whose name

Everyone had an accident, so he started walking with a limp. There was a hotel in front of him whose name started with P, so he thought he needed himself too. He saw his dead father, with whom he always got angry, and saw his mother die After this incident, if not one, people have been living inside Avinash, in the language of cytology, MPD Multiple personality disorder occurs in some people 12.

He also takes revenge on them because he wants to save Avinash. After the accident, Avinash’s uncle got him admitted to a school because he had no parents so he was given special attention. Tell me about him.

Then Pritpal passed by for some time, there was anger on his face, and in anger, he crushed Gopi with the car, that is why he kidnapped Avinash’s daughter living in the present and got Pritpal killed, that too with his emotions so that he could kill Avinash. Anger was the reason for Gopi’s death to save him from these emotions. The hospital staff reprimanded both of them, Natasha retracted, she put Avinash later.

Ending story

On getting a chance, Avinash met Angad, befriended him, and killed him in that room itself. In this way, Avinash has killed the third emotion rate as well, now he will get the rest of the emotions killed as well, then he will only send more gratitude to Avinash.

Any Kabir has started doubting Avinash and also on Abha because Natasha stayed in the hotel while going to Jodhpur, there a lip balm was found and half also have lip balm of the same brand, Avinash was also there with her. Phone records revealed that his college picture was found in the room in which Avinash was in college along with Avinash’s picture, for him college Nainital has been found there, but he was still in Nainital.


At what time Abha reached there, hit him with a stick on his head, and ran away with Gayatri and Siya? Kabir also reached there with his team. Hindi is very sensitive to this matter, he knows that Abha did all this to save her daughter, so she left her too. 1 year has passed since all this, today half has gone to meet Avinash. Avinash has said that his Treatment is going on there is a lot of improvement in 1 year. Hope you understand better from my article

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